Restaurants Open on Christmas

Restaurants open on Christmas. Today is Christmas Day 2010 and most stores are closed for it is a holiday. At Christmas, the majority people will gather around the table for a family meal of home-cooked, but some choose to enjoy outside home. Some local restaurants keep their doors open in hopes that companies leave the kitchen and come to celebrate the holiday at their restaurants.

For Zacharee Newbold, a manager at Texas Roadhouse, said traditionally for Christmas it was a great night for the restaurant businesses. “There are workers who Hoku will not be able to return home. They are some of my regulars" , said Bri Overdorf, a bartender at the restaurant. Most shop intend to stay open until 9:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, most big stores such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Old Navy and Toys R Us are closed for business today. However, you can shop for your items through online shop. These stores are typically open daily even during holidays.

Winters which we met during our store roundup is a certified shopaholic and one of those people who are really sad about various stores closing today said: “I hope that stores open on Christmas Day the same way they do during Thanks giving but I guess they really need to rest and take a time off.”

Eventhough shop is closed but some local still open. Let's celebrate this time together. Merry X'Mas 2010.

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