Trick or Treat and Halloween Party

Trick or Treat and Halloween Party are always come together when this ocassional arrives every year. Children love to make up themselves and dress like monsters, waiting for the time to knock on your front door and ask "Trick or Treat" for the sweets as every year. Among teenagers or elder may be loved to set up halloween party to hang out in the spooky night with fancy halloween costumes. Not only light and atmosphere must seems haunt and scary but also the music too. Halloween music must not just dance but have to come along with the party. If you set up the halloween party at home and invite your friends to join the party, you will be looking for some ideas, props, costume and make up to make your party fun and cool. I'd like to share you some idea about the halloween party.

First, you have to make an invitation card, since we are in the digital wave, in order to create the invitation card may be classical but using e-card is more excited because you can add spooky sounds, haunted fonts for the words in the card and send to your friends easily. After you've the invitatin card already, then you have to prepare for the meal, how about a barbecue in your front yard? Next, you've to change your look by dressing and make up. You may set up a theme with your friends or ask them to dress up fancy costumes. Further more, decorate your place with new trends Jack O Lanterns to make your party more cool! Unforgettably, the spooky song for the spooky night to make your party perfect!

Halloween night is coming up. Have you and idea to dress up yet? Make your halloween night fun and don't forget to share me about your halloween party.

Good Bye Lisa Blount Actress and Producer

Lisa Blount, the actress and producer, who received a Golden Globe nomination in supporting turn as the best friend of Debra Winger's character in "An Officer and a Gentleman" and won the Academy Awards in 2001 from the best live action short film named "The Accountant" which was produced by Ginny Mule Pictures Company, founded by 3 people: Lisa Blount, Roy McKinnon and Walton Goggins, was passed away on Wednesday 28 October 2010 in her home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lisa Blount was born on 1 July 1957 in Arkansas, started working by debute her song named "Sam's Song" in 1969. She married with Roy McKinnon, director and actor, in 1998.

In her past works, there were many interesting pieces of work as director, actress or singer but I love this one, the song named "Red Rocking Chair" from the movie named "Chrystal" which she was acted and sang as appeared in this video clip from Youtube uploaded by keithfan555 on July 31, 2010


RIP, Paul The Octopus

Paul the Octopus is an octopus named Paul that famous from World Cup 2010 by correctly predicting World Cup results was founded dead in the morning of Tuesday 26th October 2010. Many news reporters are reporting about this event and spread out quickly via social networking channel such as Facebook, Twitter or others.

I once was heard about Paul the Octopus from my facebook wall but not mention about it until almost the semi final of the match of World Cup 2010 so I feels that it is not just an coincident. It can predict correctly. Someone also made T-Shirt for memorial of Paul, such a lovely T-Shirt.

Now I'm quite sure that Paul the Octopus, some called Paul Squid for another nickname, now are still be kept in long memory of all its fans.

RIP, dear Paul.