Michigan City Lottery Ticket Thief Sentenced

Michigan City Lottery Ticket Thief Sentenced

A Michigan City woman has been sentenced after she admitted to stealing hundreds of dollars worth of lottery tickets from her employer.

Tiffany Borolov, 22, of 420 Benton St., pleaded guilty Wednesday in La Porte Circuit Court to Class D felony theft. She’ll be monitored for 90 days by a satellite tracking device as well as serve 455 days on probation.

According to court documents, while Borolov was working at East Side Produce at 4666 W. U.S. 20, she removed scratch-off lottery tickets from their dispenser at her cashier station. Police were contacted August 13 when owner Mike Mussa, while reviewing store surveillance video, witnessed her stealing the tickets. According to court records, Borolov took 260 tickets in one shift; 15 were winners that she collected on.

The investigation shows Borolov used a scanning device to tell which tickets were winners without fully scratching them off, and then used store proceeds to collect the payoffs.

An audit revealed that during her employment Borolov took $5 scratch-off tickets with a total retail value of $21,518. Under the plea, Borolov will have to pay back the store $250 for the tickets she admitted taking.

By STAN MADDUX Tribune Staff Report

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