69 years Pearl Harbor survivor remembers

69 years Pearl Harbor survivor remembers. Sixty years ago, attacked U.S. forces in Japan, Pearl Harbor.

And although some of them still with us, the Organization member countries, who survived Pearl Harbor will not come off, said Chairman Art Herriford the Associated Press.

"Some of these old bungler, if you had to struggle put an end to this organization,''said Herriford. 100 members or more who gathered in Hawaii this year voted to continue organizacji. Membership is up to about 18000, when The association was founded in 1958, about 3,000 today.

As expected, there are many stories this morning on that day that life lived on in infamy.

Los Angeles Times spoke to two men who were there every day and do not know at the time u2014%, but 20 years later, the neighbors in Monrovia, California, want 7 live December 1941.

One man, Paul Perrault, 90, The Times, his "I was not the fact that George was in Pearl Harbor, and George was not impressed by the fact that I was impressed." Antonio friend "George" Mark, 87, the Times wrote:

"We talk about the war, only when necessary and are prepared to fight all the references to the courage and heroism. You are family, they say, nothing more. It was a matter of time% u2014 the same force that to a modest Family sitting out side by side in a quiet street would. "

But the New Jersey Star-Ledger about a family that has devoted most of his life "to preserve the memory of the day." Tom Mahoney, 88, said: "This day is a remembrance of the victims ..We must always remember to ensure that the country no matter how many of us left .."

Meanwhile, the Honolulu Star makes the seller of the National Park Service a full $ 63. 2 million plan to tell the story of the "day of infamy" in detail and complexity, and the convenience of guests, because the number of people who have experienced life, who can say, is reduced. On Tuesday, the anniversary of the attack on the campus as in the second half of 1969 new visitors center and museum operation, which opens ."

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