Today Top Ten of Hot Searches and Hot Topics From Google Trends

Today Top Five of Hot Searches and Hot Topics from Google Trends.

Such a quiet day in top search engine, Google.com. Not much search traffics and topics.
Let's see how is going on at Google Hot Trends for today.

Today Top Five Hot Searchs
1. ted williams: Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man whose golden voice made him a YouTube sensation and brought him offers of work.
2. carmelo anthony: Carmelo Anthony is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Denver Nuggets
3. mauritius: The reputation of Mauritius , which attracts many honeymooners, has been damaged by the murder of Irishwoman Michaela Harte in a luxury hotel.
4. verizon wireless: Cell phones, 3g smartphones, smart phone and cell phone plans
5. giffords: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot Saturday

Today Top Ten Hot Topics
1. launcher cannot obtain patching information wow
2. verizon announcement
3. verizon press conference
4. verizon iphone
5. pon farr

What will be going on in Google.com? You can use google's search engine to search for today hot trends and you'll up to date with Google.com.

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