MN Minnesota Lottery - Hot Lotto Jackpot Was Won In Lowa $16.5 M

MN Minnesota Lottery - Hot Lotto Jackpot Was Won In Lowa $16.5 M. This Progressive Print-N-Play® jackpot is a new record for Rolling Jackpot Odometer Illustration.

The Progressive Print-N-Play jackpot is now over $140,000, a new record! This family of games has a progressive rolling jackpot that grows with every ticket purchased! Buy a $1, $3 or $5 Slots, Bingo or Crossword Progressive Print-N-Play ticket for a chance to win an increasingly larger amount of cash. More details > >

The choice is all yours. Choose one of your favorite games including Bingo, Crossword, and Slots. Then pick your price, either $1, $3 or $5. The ticket price determines how much of the progressive jackpot you can win. The higher the ticket price the higher the percentage of the jackpot you'll win.

Each game shares the progressive rolling jackpot, winning 20%, 60%, or the entire jackpot, depending on the price point, in addition to lots of instant cash prizes. Jackpots start at $5,000 and progressively grow higher with each Progressive Print-N-Play ticket purchased.

Gloria Bowen of Eagan won $74,986 playing Progressive Print-N-Play. Congratulations!

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