New Zodiac Sign Dates - Horoscopes

The New Zodiac sign dates have been released. Astronomers have revealed that the Earth is in a different spot in relation to the Sun than it was 3,000 years ago. Meaning that now the zodiac signs are outdated. Looks like it's time for an update.

For sure that since the basic principals of which the zodiac signs are calculated have changed, the signs themselves have also changed too. If you follow your horoscope, you'll most definitely need to know your new zodiac sign.

New Zodiac - Horoscopes
Capricorns - January 20th to February 16th
Aquarius - February 17th to March 11th
Pisces - March 12th to April 18th
Aries - April 19th to May 13th
Taurus - May 14th through June 21st
Gemini - June 22nd to July 20th
Cancer - July 20th to August 10th
Leo - August 11th to September 16th
Virgo - September 16th to October 30th
Libra - October 31st to November 23rd
Scorpio - November 23rd to December 17th
Sagittarius - December 18th to January 20th

Did your sign change? Does it matter? To some is yes. To others may be not so much. However, will we ever trust our horoscopes again?

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