Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola DROID Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola DROID Pro, These two hot models are launched lately. For people who love design, entertainment and technology, you can make your life easier with this Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile) , with the mobile phone function include in the device so you can online by your mobile internet package while there are no wireless-internet access-point service. You can enjoy your movies, songs or games as you want so easily.

The next one I'd like to suggest is Motorola DROID Pro Android Phone (Verizon Wireless). The new OS (Operation System), Andriod, on Motorola make you can touch the new experience of mobile OS that now have a lot of application support for this OS. If you are the one who loves to look for new experience by yourself. Don't miss this item.

For next post I'll find what now is in trends and more up to date. So please keep in touch for next post.

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