Good Bye Lisa Blount Actress and Producer

Lisa Blount, the actress and producer, who received a Golden Globe nomination in supporting turn as the best friend of Debra Winger's character in "An Officer and a Gentleman" and won the Academy Awards in 2001 from the best live action short film named "The Accountant" which was produced by Ginny Mule Pictures Company, founded by 3 people: Lisa Blount, Roy McKinnon and Walton Goggins, was passed away on Wednesday 28 October 2010 in her home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lisa Blount was born on 1 July 1957 in Arkansas, started working by debute her song named "Sam's Song" in 1969. She married with Roy McKinnon, director and actor, in 1998.

In her past works, there were many interesting pieces of work as director, actress or singer but I love this one, the song named "Red Rocking Chair" from the movie named "Chrystal" which she was acted and sang as appeared in this video clip from Youtube uploaded by keithfan555 on July 31, 2010

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